What are people saying?


I just simply feel better!

After COVID, I found it really hard to get back on track and to focus on what mattered the most to me. I started micro-dosing for the first time and the same week started to feel my mood and concentration improving.

Im happy to see this product can help so many people!

Juliana Duque

Barcelona, Spain


I focus a lot on my mental well-being and health and I wish to strengthen - not only my mind but also my soul, body and spirit. I decided to micro-dose on mushrooms do to all the beneficial health effects that evidence-based research have shown. I quickly noticed a change.. I observed that my state of mind was much more calm and balanced as well as a new feeling of gentleness towards myself was arising. Those emotional changes has have a tremendous positive impact on my life in general. Furthermore I truly feel that the post cognitive benefits, such as enhanced focus and creativity really is notable. 


Copenhagen, Denmark


Really good service throughout, from product recommendation to delivery and later follow-up 🙏 I warmly recommend the*dose.


The dose is a really wonderful alternative whether it is self help or self care, microdosing with natures own product is a beautiful thing. Especially when it has not been tampered with. I can only recommend this as the first thing to choose when it comes to seeking guidance or help in this world.

Nikolaj Hansen

Aarhus, Denmark


Microdosing gives me: “The feeling of presence and connectedness - with myself, with others. Clarity and intensification. Calmness and warmth, consolidated flashbacks in my senses and emotions - and greatest of all: great appreciation for life, meaning and worth… ”


Nærum, Denmark