Microdosing guide

Microdosing Guide

"Microdosing without intention, is just a really good day"

There is nothing wrong with really good days  - in fact we love really good days. But our approach to microdosing is that it is supposed to be more than just good days. Microdosing is a practice for transformation and self-discovery. Might we even add; microdosing can be just a really good day or be a tool to transform your life into a really good life. Microdosing shouldn’t mean a life on crutches, but be a way to integrate and embody new insights and a heightened sense of self, into your everyday life. Even after finishing microdosing.

Before getting started

Before you get started with microdosing you will need to have a few things sorted first.
Prioritise yourself
First of all you need to prioritise yourself. This is the most important element. You have to commit to wanting to honour your own process, and to spend time everyday to check in with yourself. It can be as little as 15 minutes, for instance 10 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening. Or whenever it suits you. But it is important that you prioritise checking in, and spend time with yourself.
Keep a journal
Secondly, we really recommend that you keep a journal. Keeping a journal is a great tool to getting to understand yourself. When we put feelings into thoughts and thoughts into words - and write these words down, something magical happens: we get to align our body and mind, and further get to observe ourselves in a new light. Following this guide, you will also be asked to write your reflections down. So you might as well do it in your journal.
Last but not least, you of course need microdoses. If you haven’t gotten your doses yet, you can buy them here.

Setting the intention

Setting intentions is essential to bringing your mindset into alignment with the life you wish to live. Before you start your course in microdosing, it is important to set an intention. Setting intentions is like placing a marker on a map, and checking in with the coordinates that you need to navigate by, to get there.

We have created a guided reflection, to help you set your intentions. Remember to write down your intentions, as you will be revisiting them again and again over the course of your microdosing journey.

Setting Intention worksheet

Download our setting intention worksheet

Wanting to go deeper

If you feel inspired to go deeper with your intention, and want to do so with a personal guide. You can book 1:1 session with our the*dose coaching team. Click here to learn more about the*dose coaching team.

Set intentions not expectations

Intentions and expectations are not the same thing. Intentions are allowing for things to happen, whereas expectations are expecting things to happen. The latter often leads to disappointment and self-criticism. Always be kind to yourself. If you start experiencing expectations coming up, try to be curious about why you have these expectations? How could you allow yourself to set intentions rather than expectations? Are you being too hard on yourself?
Remember, you can always revisit our guided reflection for setting intentions.

How to microdose

Microdoses should be taken as the first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. Our microdoses are already dose-sized, so all you need to do is open up a single blister and take out the small truffles. Swallow the truffles whole with a glass of water. Swallowing the truffles whole, secures an even effect of the microdose throughout the course of your day. Some people prefer to chew the truffles. This activates the effect more rapidly, but also gives a much shorter lasting effect. That is why we recommend that you swallow the truffles, instead of chewing.

Don't microdose everyday

You shouldn’t microdose everyday, but instead follow a protocol of microdosing every third day. So, one dose day, and two normal days, and then repeating the cycle. This way you get to feel the effect of microdosing, while continuously also being able to integrate and embody any insights and new sensations into your ordinary sense of self. We call this approach micro-integration: when you little by little, in small cycles integrate the effect of microdosing into your everyday life.

We recommend that you start by microdosing at least 30 days and no more than 90 days to begin with. After completing a period of microdosing you should give time to normalise yourself, before starting to microdose again. 

Your first microdose

No matter how prepared you are, taking your first microdose is always a unique and novel experience. Honour this first step you are taking and prioritise this day to be about you. We recommend that you take your first dose, on a weekend. Go for a walk in nature and just tune in to what comes your way. This will help you get to know the effect without any noise from your everyday life. A perfect starting point for you to check in with your intention and the motivation behind.
After this first experience, you are ready to follow the protocol of microdosing every third day, as part of your normal everyday life.

Daily routine

Microdosing is a practice for transformation. This transformation happens through empowered intention and embodied integration. Your body is your physical reality and your breath is the energetic wave between form and formlessness, between body and mind, between life and death.  By using your body and your breath as an anchor for your intention and expanded consciousness, you literally start to live in a higher alignment with what you want and believe in. 

Starting a daily routine will serve as a place for you to check in with your intention, and be a practice for connecting the body and the mind, and help you integrate and retain the insights you gain, permanently after you have finished microdosing. We have created guided breathwork- and meditation-sessions for you to use in your daily routine.

It doesn't take much of your time, to create a powerful daily routine. The most important factor for having a powerful routine is not the time you spend, but that you commit to doing it everyday. As mentioned in the beginning of this guide: this is the promise you have made to yourself: to commit to prioritising yourself on this journey. Doing your daily routine everyday is the deepest honouring of this commitment. A daily morning and evening routine can take as little as 15 minutes in total.

Morning routine

Start spending 10 minutes every morning checking in with your intentions in a breathwork- or embodiment-session. On dose-days, this should be right after you have taken your dose. Start by checking in with your intentions; reading them to yourself. Then proceed with one of the session videos. Keep your journal at hand, and write down any thoughts or emotions you experience surfacing in the session



Empowered Embodiment

Evening routine

At the end of the day, preferably before bedtime, spend 5 minutes checking in with yourself. Again, using your journal as a place to capture your thoughts, and to check in with your intention. We have made a small check-list that you can use as your daily roundup: 

  • What do you feel about today?
  • How did you succeed with your intention? 
  • What did you experience? 
  • What have you learned? 
  • What insights did you get? 
  • How does today change what you want to succeed in tomorrow?
  • What are you grateful for today?

Summed up

  • Set your intention
  • Don't have expectations
  • Microdose every 3rd day
  • Dose in the morning, swallow on an empty stomach with water
  • Take your first dose on a weekend, and spend the day in nature
  • Check in with your intentions every morning
  • Do a breathwork or meditation routine
  • Check in every evening before bedtime
  • Use your journal
  • Be kind to yourself

    Got more questions?

    We have collected the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ. So make sure to visit these - and don’t hesitate to write us, if you have any questions not already answered.