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We are the*dose

We bring together the healing properties of medicinal mushrooms, supporting mental health, boosting natural immunity and rebuilding vitality with the art of microdosing for self discovery

The path to self discovery

You are here to heal, to make sense of, to find truth, to make change and to go deeper.

Microdosing is the spiritual artform of making healing into a habit, and to live more consciously.

Focus and strengthen the light of consciousness towards the areas of your life that need to grow and thrive, with the power of microdosing plant medicine.

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Natures own pharmacy

Medicinal mushrooms

Let your body rebuild, rebirth and rejuvenate in higher balance. Start your inner alignment between body and mind, from the cellular level, with our selection of medicinal mushrooms.

Boost yourself

“For every illness, nature has a cure. For every imbalance, there is a way to find balance.”

We are expanding, connecting and evolving

Growing underground, the mycelium network of fungi integrates, connects and forms the molecular resources needed for the surrounding ecosystem. This is our deepest aspiration at the*dose; to support our surrounding ecosystem through connection and resources that help each part - each human - in the ecosystem integrate and function in the best way possible.

Our vision is to evolve human beings towards a higher state of consciousness, through wellness, connectedness, compassion and mindfulness.