Asger Nakskov Laursen

CEO & Founder, Member of Board of Directors and Management Board

For the past 23 years, plant-medicine has been part of my personal journey in life. After a long career in IT-consultancy with focus on creating intelligent software, I realised that my deeper passion was to work with the “software” running inside each of us: our consciousness. I started to shift my career towards leadership, coaching and later psychotherapy, while integrating my knowledge and calling for working with the healing properties of plant-medicine.


Saszeline Emanuelle

Co-founder, Member of Board of Directors, Marketing & Content Creator

For more than 24 years, from when I was 14 years old, I have travelled the world as a singer, performer, model, TV-hostess, brand ambassador and marketing influencer. Having met so many different people and seen so many different cultures inspired me to start looking at what is the true meaning of life - and the core of our human existence. This call for a new adventure led me to psychotherapy, and to start looking at my own life and emotional baggage. My adventure had become a journey towards my own personal healing. I decided to travel to Costa Rica to work with the plant medicine Ayahuasca, and was given a clear sense of my new direction in life, and was sighted with a vision to work with plant medicine and therapy.

The calling

In 2021, we realised that the time had come for us to step into the calling of creating the*dose. The pandemic had triggered into action. We could see the impact of the lock-down and the common narrative manifesting in fear, depression, stress, social anxiety and more, all around us. For years Asger has helped people getting started with microdosing and he has been coaching them along the way. And we both knew that the power of plant-medicine in combination with guidance, could change lives, alleviate ailments, help and motivate people.

So we quit our jobs, and together we decided to go all in on creating a place where people can reconnect with their higher selves, with the support of guidance and the power of medicinal mushrooms and microdosing.

This is a core-belief of ours; that we humans have tremendous potential and resources inside of us. We also believe the journey to unlocking this potential and these resources, is a journey of reconnection to ourselves. 

Plant-medicine promotes reconnection, and in combination with science-based cognitive coaching in the form of guidance, creates a new baseline of mental health.  

Our growing team

Peter Forchhammer

Strategic Advisor, Business Innovation & Marketing, Member of Board of Directors


Peter Forchammer is one of the most seasoned, innovative and experienced investors in Denmark. His passion for bringing value to human beings through technology and innovation has led him through a close to unprecedented track record of business ventures. A journey that has given not only a deep understanding of business innovation, but also sales- and marketing mechanics. His many years of experience, his passion and incredible eye for innovation makes Peter a rare and unique strategic advisor. Peter has a strong sense of projects with a higher aim of purpose, and the vision of the*dose has been capturing his attention from the very beginning.

Our journey

This is the early start of the journey. We have become a small team around the*dose. Our first products are ready, but we want to go much further.

the*dose is our vision. The vision is to build a platform for mental health. An ecosystem where fellowships can form and journeys towards wellbeing can start. And we want you to be part of this journey! 

We are always looking for connections that can help us evolve and grow. So if you feel incentivized to connect with us, we would love to hear from you!

Want to work with us?

We are available for business coaching, therapy sessions, breathwork & meditation sessions, talks and presentations.

You can reach us directly on