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Will the magic of psychedelics transform psychiatry?

Psychedelics have come a long way since their hallucinogenic hippy heyday. Research shows that they could alleviate PTSD, depression and addiction. So will we all soon be treated with magic mushrooms and magic mushrooms and MDMA?

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“When we look within ourselves with psilocybin, we discover that we do not have to look outward toward the futile promise of life that circles distant stars in order to still our cosmic loneliness. We should look within; the paths of the heart lead to nearby universes full of life and affection for humanity.”

Terence McKenna, True Hallucinations

Johns Hopkins Medicine

Psychedelic treatment with psilocybin relieved major depressive disorder symptom

Previous studies by Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers showed that psychedelic treatment with psilocybin relieved major depressive disorder symptoms in adults for up to a month. Now, in a follow-up study of those participants...

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Research from Yale found that psilocybin may spur neuron growth, healing areas of the brain that are affected by chronic stress and depression

Ling-Xiao Shao, et. al, Yale University

“It’s not that psychedelics are dangerous, it’s that they give you dangerous ideas”

- Dennis McKenna, ethnopharmacologist & author

Beckley foundation

Mobile Microdosing Study

The world’s first mobile microdosing study,, has been published in prestigious Nature Scientific Reports. It can be accessed here. The study, a collaboration between Quantified Citizen, the University of British Columbia,Maastricht University, and Paul Stamets, unpacks the varied methods and motivations for microdosing practices, laying the groundwork for further research.

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Psychedelics are not a substitute for faith. They are a door to authentic faith, born of encountering directly the sacred dimension of every day experience. This is not the only gate to that discovery, but it is the most ancient and universal, and potentially the most accesible, to the majority of human race.

- Rick Doblin, Founder MAPS

Colombia university department of psychiatry

Psilocybin Found to Rapidly Improve Depressive Symptoms in Clinical Trial

In a groundbreaking study, a single dose of psilocybin, combined with psychological support, generated a rapid response and significant reduction in depressive symptoms that lasted up to 12 weeks.

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“We are sneaking psychedelics back into our society through research like the MDMA research that's going on, through the research for the use of marijuana for pain, through research with the dying [with psilocybin], and ultimately we will do the same kind of stuff about alcoholism, about prison rehabilitation, so on. I mean, its obvious that psychedelics, properly used, have a behavior-change psychotherapeutic value. But from my point of view, that is all underusing the vehicle. The potential of the vehicle is sacramentally to take you out of the cultural constructs which you are part of a conspiracy in maintaining. And giving you a chance to experience once again your innocence.”

Ram Dass

The cultural integration of psychedelics won't happen overnight. The first step is for people who have knowledge of these substances to share it, 'coming our' about their own experiences. Drug education should be honest and present a balanced picture of risks and benefits.

Rick Doblin, Manifesting Minds, MAPS

“People want to give up the responsibility of being able to understand and because they can't understand then they have faith, and they put their faith in other people who say they can understand.”

Paul Stamets, mycologist and author


Yale researchers discover healing effects of psychedelic drug

Yale researchers found that a single dose of the naturally occurring psychedelic compound psilocybin can cause structural changes in the brain that counteract symptoms of depression.

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Study finds 65% of Americans with mental health conditions want acces to Psychedelics



Psilocybin has shown promise for the treatment of mood disorders

Psilocybin therapy increases cognitive and neural flexibility in patients with major depressive disorder

Translational Psychiatry - Psilocybin therapy increases cognitive and neural flexibility in patients with major depressive disorder

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