the*dose ambassador

Mads Kornerup
Co-founder and creative director Shamballa Jewels

My journey through life has been a quest for bringing back our ancient connection to spirit, into contemporary life. So much wisdom resides outside the viewport of the busy, modern way of living. Wisdom that always has served humans in guiding us to deeper understanding and greater sense of purpose and meaning - of what it means to be a human being.

My work with Shamballa Jewellery has been my passion to create ways to live with beautiful rememberances of this wisdom; of who we are, and where we come from.

Being in touch with this deeper sense of Self has not only influenced my professional life, but also the aspects of my own way of living. Yoga, meditation, breath work, fasting and so on have always been important practices for me, as part of feeling healthy, balanced and connected to life - in myself and others. 

For the past decade plant-medicine has also been a vital part of my journey. There is so much to learn, to heal and to understand from the knowledge in mother nature. And plant-medicines are one of the keys to unlocking and unblocking our connection back into this knowledge - knowledge that when embodied yet again becomes the wisdom we need to remember. Cause I truly believe the biggest challenges for us modern humans are that we forget to connect with ourselves, and thus end up living inauthentic lives, driven by ego and expectations from others. 

When I first was presented with the*dose’s vision I instantly felt a deep resonance in my core of being. This is what we need in the world right now;  places for people to start their journey towards a sense of self, healing, mental and physical health - combining science and ancient wisdom in a modern day context.

I am proud to have been asked to join the*dose as ambassador, and to help bring the power of holistic health and natural healing to as many as possible.