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Microdosing is the practice of using small, sub-perceptual doses of a naturally occurring, non-toxic psychedelic substance called psilocybin. The idea of microdosing is that you are able to experience a slight change in your field of consciousness, without losing your ordinary sense of self.

This change in field of consciousness is by many users described as benefits like:
* Mindfulness
* Calmness
* Body awareness
* Easier access to flow state
* Creativity
* Spiritual deepening
* Energetic resonance
* Feeling connected to others

The*dose microdoses are as natural as microdosing can get. Our microdoses are freshly harvested psilocybin truffles. The truffles (Psilocybe Tampanesis) are carefully washed and vacuum packed in dose-seized blister packs. There is 1 gram of fresh truffles in each blister, which makes our microdoses super easy to use.

People who benefit from microdosing are people interested in alternative ways of bringing more awareness into their lives, whether this is motivated by a wish to move towards being more creative, live more mindful or achieve personal goals, or motivated as a way to move away from ailments like stress, anxiety or depression.

We pack our truffles in dose-sized blisters, making them easy and safe to use, as no at-home measuring is required. Each blister contains 1 gram of fresh truffle, which is the perfect dose size for most people microdosing.

The best way to microdose is to:

Set intentions
By setting your intentions for microdosing, you create a trajectory for your expansion of the field of consciousness. This is the key to a successful outcome with microdosing. If you need help setting your intentions, visit our Microdosing Guide here.

Only dose every 3rd day 
This protocol of only dosing every 3rd day creates a foundation for micro-integration. The insights or experiences from your dose day, will be given 2 inbetween days for you to embody and habitualised without the effect of the dose. Then on the 4th day, a new micro-cycle begins: one dose day, and two days off. 

Keep a journal
Keeping track of your thoughts are the cornerstone of bringing continuation of awareness into your microdosing practice. Keeping a journal helps you fulfill your initial intention and can be a tool for further understanding of your deeper layers of self.

If you need inspiration on how to keep your journal while microdosing, visit our Microdosing Guide here

We recommend that you follow the protocol of taking a dose every 3rd day. This way you give room for your normal self to integrate the experience from the microdose.

You can of course microdose every day - but here is why you shouldn’t:

Building tolerance
Our microdoses come with an amazing and natural safety mechanism: you can't become addicted to psilocybin (the active compound in our truffles) as you build up a tolerance very quickly, and within a few days, you won't feel any effect from the microdoses. So taking breaks between dose days clears your mind and resets your receptor sites.

The second reason why you shouldn’t microdose every day is because you should have time to embody your experience from the dose days, into your normal self. By following the suggested dose-protocol, you give way and room for your normal self to integrate and embody the experience from the dose day.

First of all; congratulations on wanting to get started! Taking charge of your own mental health is the single most important action you can do, to live the life your wish.

Second, you have come to the right place for your microdosing journey to start.

Visit our microdosing guide and get started.


No, microdosing doesn’t get you high as the doses are sub-perceptual. That means that the effect of a microdose is lower than what you can perceive with your naked eye. So even though you are ingesting truffles containing psilocybin, there is no sensation of being high or trippy. This fact makes microdosing much more attractive to many, who aren't keen on a full psychedelic experience, but still wish to gain some of the reported benefits of psychedelics.

The acute effect of the dose will of course wear off. But the effects microdosing has had on your life, your awareness and your sense of self, can stay with you forever.

Making changes and practicing more awareness is like any other habit we wish to make part of our life. It must be practiced and prioritised for it to stick, also efter you have stopped microdosing. 

In our microdosing guide we help you the effects of microdosing into a new lasting way of living.

Many experience the sensation of a microdose as a sense of heightened awareness, a calmness and a quieting of the mind. Some describe it as a soft and pleasant vibrational buzz in the background of the conscious mind, like a cup of mental coffee.

It depends. If swallowed on an empty stomach the effect of the microdose will typically start within 30-50 minutes and roll off by the end of the day. If chewed the effect will have a faster onset, a higher intensity and only last for a couple of hours. Chewing can be preferred in given situations such as prior to deep meditation or creative processes. But in general we recommend swallowing your microdose for steady effect in everyday use. 

Sometimes the effect isn't apparent right away. When microdosing you change your field of consciousness, which might not be something you directly feel. Instead changes might disclose themselves in unexpected ways.

Allow yourself to be open to whatever this practice has to offer you. Keep your intentions in mind, but don’t force yourself to be or do any different, than what feels and comes naturally.

Often when people don’t feel any effect it is because they look for them. Looking for what you expect turns into expectations rather than being open with intentions.

Living more consciously can’t be forced, only practised as a way of being more soft and attuned to what actually is, rather than what we believe. - or what we want.

You might find it useful to keep a journal on a daily basis, capturing your thoughts, reflections and emotions.


We highly recommend that you have tampered off your antidepressants, before starting with microdosing. Always consult your doctor or psychiatrist before starting to change your prescribed medicine. A arge study using Citizen Science has collected a list of the medications users have used while microdosing, without any adverse/side effects.

No, our truffles are non-addictive. Our truffles have a built-in safety mechanism that makes them impossible to become physically addicted to. Your body builds up tolerance to Psilocybin (the active molecule in our truffle) within just a few days of continuous usage. Leading to no effect at all after 5-7 days of daily dosing. That is also why we recommend each dose day is followed by two normal days without dosing. The act of microdosing and feeling more aware and bringing more consciousness into everyday life can however be something that you feel drawn to, and would like to revisit and explore further more than just one in your life.

Our microdosing truffles are non-toxic, non-addictive and packed in dose-sizes for correct dosing. Some people might very rarely experience a slight headache, stomachache or mild neuroticism a few hours after ingesting a microdose. If you experience such an effect, or feel discomfort in any other way, go visit our feeling discomfort section

Microdosing can make you less tolerant to alcohol, so if you choose to drink, be mindful and drink with ease until you can assess the effect microdosing has on your experience of alcohol-inebriation.

Legal and Shipping

Psilocybin truffles are 100% legal in the Netherlands. But might be illegal in your country! You are responsible for checking the legal status of psilocybin truffles in your own country. We are not responsible for the product being confiscated at customs. Read more here

Psilocybin truffles are 100% legal in the Netherlands and can therefor be shipped to all EU countries under the Mutual Recognition of Goods Principle of the European Commission. 

Do Note: Some countries might not allow truffles, and deem them illegal

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