We are here

to evolve human beings towards a higher state of consciousness, through wellness, connectedness, compassion and mindfulness.

About the dose

Why the*dose?

Because we see the need for a new approach to mental health. An approach that combines and honours plant medicines, ancient knowledge about body and spirit - infused with modern science and research on how the mind works. 

What is the*dose?

the*dose is about enabling humans on their journey to self-discovery. About enabling connection between like minded people. About enabling access to plant medicine and information and guidance on how to use it. And about enabling people to feel empowered to start living the lives they want - without fear, limiting beliefs or old programmings not serving them anymore. 

the*dose is about empowering people to lead themselves and others on the path to self-discovery. About empowerment through understanding, mentalization, psycho-education, coaching and psychotherapy. An empowerment giving each individual an understanding of how their own mind works, and how they can set the intentions they wants to embody in their life.

the*dose is about embodiment - and about bringing the intentions in the mind into connection and action with the body. It is about using ancient knowledge of embodiment from breathwork and meditation, as an anchor on the journey to self-discovery, and how that brings about the manifestation of self into the present moment. It is about the embodiment of living in truth through congruence between the thoughts in your head, the feelings in your heart and the intelligence of your body.

the*dose is about evolving. About being enabled to start the journey, empowered to follow the path, embodied into alignment  - about beginning to evolve into self-discovery.

How are we doing this?

Like the mycelium network growing under ground, we are growing a platform, that connects people, with guidance and help, and the best natural plant-based products, for healing the body and the mind. 

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