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Turkey Tail

Immune boosting, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, microbiome, gut health, anti-cancer

Looking for better digestion, boosting your immune system and for staying young and healthy? Turkey tail might have benefits that interest you.

Turkey tail ( Coriolus Versicolor ) is not just a beautiful mushroom, but also one of the most researched medicinal mushrooms. It is known in particular for its natural and potent polysaccharides, including PSK (polysaccharide K) and PSP (polysaccharide peptide). These protein-bound polysaccharides help manage inflammation response at the cellular level and help support a healthy and robust immune response as well.

Turkey tail is packed with antioxidants (phenols and flavonoids) that help combat oxidative stress in the body.  Oxidative stress can damage tissues, causing chronic illness and premature ageing.

Turkey tail also contains protein-bound beta glucans, which is known to support a gut microbiome that was found to reduce obesity, in animal studies.

Science & Research 

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The lignicolous fungus Trametes versicolor (L.) Lloyd (1920): a promising natural source of antiradical and AChE inhibitory agents

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Medicinal mushrooms as an attractive new source of natural compounds for future cancer therapy

TLR2 agonist PSK activates human NK cells and enhances the anti-tumor effect of HER2-targeted monoclonal antibody therapy

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Effects of polysaccharopeptide from Trametes versicolor and amoxicillin on the gut microbiome of healthy volunteers: a randomized clinical trial

Turkey Tail liquid extract
Turkey Tail liquid extract

Turkey Tail liquid extract

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*This product does not contain psilocybin* 

The powerful liquid Turkey Tail extract a strong concentrate of the fruiting bodies of the Coriolus versicolor mushroom and one of our favorites! The extract is available in 3 different quantities. Select the amount suitable for you when making your choice. For thousands of years, "Turkey Tail" has been praised in the East. This mushroom is highly regarded in Japan, China and the rest of Asia, where it is traditionally mainly consumed in tea. When you look at the fruit body of Turkey Tail, it looks suspiciously like the, you guessed it, tail of a turkey! This species grows mainly on broken branches and stumps from the forest, from which it feeds and takes care of the decomposition process. The Turkey Tail liquid extract is, like all of our products, made from the fruit bodies of this special mushroom. We do not use the mycelium that is grown on grain. In this way we can offer you a fair, powerful and pure product. Because that’s exactly what you deserve! In addition, all our extracts, including the Turkey Tail liquid extract, are standardized to no less than 30% polysaccharides!

The container (the dropper bottle) containing your liquid extract is made of high-quality MIRON® Violetglass and is completely reusable. MIRON glass protects the product against harmful UV radiation so that the nutrients in the liquid remain optimally protected and the shelf life considerably improves! The jar is also dishwasher safe! 

Number of doses:  
30 ml: 60 doses for 30 days  
50 ml: 100 doses for 50 days  
100 ml: 200 doses for 100 days  
Product information 
Per 10 drops:                                                 % RDA  
Coriolus versicolor                 500mg  
Vitamin D3                              1.5μg            15%  
Vitamin B6                              225μg           15%  
Half a pipette twice a day. Spread the intake over the day for maximum bioavailability. Do not take with carbonated drinks and/or medications.  
Suitable for:
Not suitable for:
During pregnancy, breastfeeding and / or an allergy to one of the ingredients. When in doubt, consult your doctor or pharmacist.  
Turkey Tail liquid extract has been specially developed to supplement your daily diet with the healthy nutrients of the Coriolus versicolor mushroom that is freely available by the body.  
Turkey Tail (Coriolus versicolor), Aqua, Alcohol, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Cholecalciferol.

Alc. 20% Vol 

Due to the legislation surrounding supplements, we are unfortunately not allowed to provide (complete) information about this product.


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