About Asger

How mushrooms changed my life
Searching for meaning

My name is Asger Nakskov and back in 1998 I had my first psychedelic experience. Coming from a Christian home, and feeling detached from my parents and the religious community surrounding our family, I had taken up my own quest for truth and meaning. It was on this journey I, 17 years old at the time, had my first encounter with powerful medicine in so called “magic mushrooms”.

This changed me forever, as I experienced the interconnectedness of all life and the presence of God/Consciousness in everything - and was shown how we as humans have gotten out of tune with our true nature.

I revisited this realm of the Beyond many times in the following years, without a clear sense of how to integrate this profound knowledge into my teenage life. 

It was a different time back then, 20 years ago. There wasn't any psychedelic research or science going on, no psychedelic therapy happening or any netflix documentaries on the subject - and mushrooms and the psychedelic experience was regarded as dangerous and highly illegal.

Expanding consciousness

I was led into a career in information technology while spending my spare time studying mushroom cultivation and reading about mystic and psychedelic experiences. Looking back it seems as though I was learning about how the intelligence of the mycelium network works, while mapping it across to how network infrastructure and information technology works to create “digital nutrition” to the surrounding ecosystem. I was expanding my own consciousness through the psychedelic experience, while working as a software developer creating mind expansion in artificial intelligence.

Though my work and my passion had many things in common, they still weren’t integrated in any way. In 2016 my integration finally started to happen. I was in an ayahuasca ceremony given a very clear message to start working with microdosing. A practice I knew little of, at the time, as my regime had been macrodosing the plant medicines I was working with.

My integration

Microdosing literally became the integration point between my two worlds, as I would start going to work while being influenced by plant medicine. I started to experience how my everyday life, my mood, my thoughts and my identity started to change. Subconscious patterns that I wasn’t even aware of, started to surface in a way that made me proactively able to change my behaviour in various ways and situations. I felt as if I was able to see my own subconscious programming, and change it on the fly. So instead of normally being triggered by something in a given situation, I felt much more able to react in alignment with my values and in congruence with the person I wanted to be. I was so amazed how such a small dose, in the setting of ordinary life and in the right mindset, could have such a powerful effect.

Mental Software

I soon realised that the software I was to focus on was not the one inside a machine, but instead the “mental software” running in the minds of humans. This integration kept growing and deepening. I decided to take on NLP coach training and enrolled into the 4 year NLP Psychotherapist tuition program. I started to work professionally with microdosing, helping clients benefit from the effects and making the changes they were looking for. In 2021 I felt my calling to drop everything, and join in the battle for evolving human consciousness. I had started to see the results of the covid-lockdowns and fear-driven narrative, manifest in society and knew that I had to answer this calling. I quit my job, and started to apply myself into this project; the*dose.

the*dose is about evolution

Being enabled to start the journey, empowered to follow the path, embodied into alignment  - to start evolving in Self discovery.